Customs clearance

We will happily provide excellent bespoke brokerage services to all sorts of manufacturing enterprises. The standards and rules for importing items are continually changing as new doors of opportunity emerge in the worldwide commerce industry. To speed the clearance of your cargo, our staff will verify that all standards are completed.

Our skilled staff can provide genuine free advice and tailor-made services to meet any need. We like challenges and are always looking for new methods to suit your demands.
Our goal is to provide an efficient, competent, and timely service that is tailored to your or your company’s unique needs.
We can also track the arrival and departure of your cargo and answer your questions about all clearance processes, ensuring that your consignments through customs quickly and effectively.

Highlights of Customs Clearance

Freight forwarding

FIL’s freight services are geared to tackle the issues that our clients confront in today’s volatile surroundings.
We offer the ideal solution to provide optimum flexibility, regardless of size or weight. Choose from next-day to three-to-five day transit periods to acquire worldwide coverage with more options than ever before.
FIL manages freight from the point of origin to the point of destination.

Highlights of Freight Forwarding

Custom Consultancy

Preserving compliance with customs rules while minimizing duty and associated costs is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in an era of quickly developing global marketplaces, restricted budgets, and few resources.
Our comprehensive, non-intrusive assessments of your company’s import and export activity will identify possible cost reductions and collect overpayment charges. In adverse situations.
Prior to filing refund claims, FIL will prepare and get favourable customs findings, guaranteeing your compliance with Customs requirements. Our skilled personnel have years of expertise assisting leading worldwide corporations with all elements of customs compliance and operational efficiency.

Highlights of Custom Consultancy

Road Transportation

We specialize in the shipment of products across East Africa from the port of Mombasa. We provide outstanding value for money and ‘peace of mind’ service, which is complemented by our efficient, friendly, and competent team.
We want to develop long-term relationships with all of our clients, and we provide the same high level of service whether you need our transportation services on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.
We take pleasure in offering a tailored, cost-effective solution to your general or specialized haulage needs.

Highlights of Surface Transportation

Inland Container Haulage Services

Inland Container Haulage Services Empty Container Handling Services With Inland Container Haulage Services, you can get your freight to its destination in the quickest way possible. Our express freight services guarantee fast and reliable transport of items across the country. We provide an efficient, safe and affordable service, with unbeatable delivery speeds

Empty Container Handling Services

Empty Container Handling Services are essential for businesses looking to decrease their costs and increase efficiency. This service helps you reduce the number of empty containers in your yard, optimize transport routes, and save on labor costs.

Reefer Storage & Handling

We are available around-the-clock to assist with any of your PTIs (Pre-trip inspections) and reefer plugging needs.We work to meet the needs of your business, offering optimal storage solutions and unparalleled

Reefer railage & handling Solution

From Mombasa Port, we can load the empties ex-hook and deliver them immediately to ICD Nairobi. Thereafter, these will be sent to our facility next door for Cleaning, repairs, and other required care. Following that, your shippers can bring the boxes here to be filled, or we can provide last-mile logistics using our own fleet.